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  1. #1. Music for two halves clarinetes

  2. #2. Music for different mutes and water (under revision)

  3. InPelleas et Melisande around the opera” I am also using the clarinet played under the water

  4. #3. Music for clarinet and light (in the oven - 2009!)

Collaboration: Isak Goldschneider

Isak Goldschneider was born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and received training at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. His works have been performed at the Concertgebouw, Dodorama, de IJsbreker, and Lincoln Center among other venues. Current work: electronic performance, hypnosis theater.

Música invisible para clarinete - Libro II 
Invisible music for clarinet - Book II (2002)

The idea of "Música invisible para clarinete" is to re-think the instrument from a different perspective, slightly away from its tradition and its literature. The organology - technical aspects of how instruments produce sound - and the exploration of different acoustical possibilities are the raw material from which the piece is built.

Extended techniques refer to new skills and a work in the boundaries of the tradition of the instrument, but mainly they aim at suggesting different perspectives to the perception.