look up to the ceiling: this spontaneous  screen it has been always on top of your head...




  1. 23 January, Musique Concrete, Splendor Amsterdam


  1. 3 November Musique Concrete November Music Den Bosch - Netherlands

  2. 29 July- 11 August 1000 eyes  Residence Konvent , Berga Barcelona with Daniel Nicolas photography.

  3. 18 July Musique Concrete selected by  Nieuwe Geneco to represent The Netherlands in ISCM 2020 in New Zeeland


  1. 28 January I love you (premiere) for fl, guitar, tape and slides with Yayo Dias guitar - Casa Luthier, Barcelona


  1. December 2017 Musique Concrete video shooting  Amsterdam - Edu Hernández Pérez, video; Daniel Nicolas aditional camera


  1. May 2015 Musique Concrete granted  - selected by Storsignal (call for scores), Lubeck, Germany


  1. 16 August Dancing Windows  for flute, piano, magic lanterns and low-tech paraphernalia Alu Montorfano, flauta - with Marina Levin, piano Besares, Club de Cultura Buenos Aires, Argentina


  1. December 2013 - Musique Concrete NFPK - werkbeurs granted

  2. 16th December Dancing windows Buenos Aires tour - Dutch Embassy Buenos Aires -Amsterdam tandem 2013 Conservatorio Superior de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Astor Piazzolla  Auditorio

  3. 8th December Dancing windows Buenos Aires tour - Dutch Embassy Buenos Aires -Amsterdam tandem 2013 Villa Ocampo, Beccar, Buenos Aires.

  4. 7th December Dancing windows Buenos Aires tour - Dutch Embassy Buenos Aires -Amsterdam tandem 2013 Centro Cultural Plaza Castelli, Belgrano R, Bs As.


  1. December  “Musica invisible for flute and dancer” flute: Adriana Montorfano, dancer: Vanina García, staging: Mónica Carral - Manufactura Papelera Buenos Aires

  2. 1997- ongoing

  3. Chamber music for solo flute and flute and diverse ensembles organized by L.V. Asociacion Argentina de Compositores Canciones (flute and ensemble)

  4. Música invisible (solo flute)

  1. Since 1997 Adriana Montorfano, flute and Cecilia Arditto, composition (both originally from Argentina), work together in projects which explore the relationship between sound, image, objects, movement and architecture. All of them with a strong emphasis in music notation. 

  2. From an academic music background, the chamber music not only ask for instrumental extended techniques, but for an extended ensemble which includes dance, magic lanterns, objects and the space around. The goal is to find “an expanded language where not only the sound but the movement and the space “sings”. We like to think that in our work, all disciplines come together into the heart of music, being music not only an artistic cathegory but a way to understand the world.

  3. Monotorfano Arditto Duo offered concerts and workshops in Argentina and Spain. Their last project, Musique Concrete has been selected by  Nieuwe Geneco to represent The Netherlands in ISCM 2020 in New Zeeland (ongoing).

  1. BIOS:

  2. Cecilia Arditto was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1966, and lives in Amsterdam since 2002. She studied composition in Argentina in the Institute  CEAMC under Gabriel Valverde and Mariano Etkin and in the Conservatorium of Amsterdam (cum laude) in 2004. Her msic is constantly played all over the world in festivals and concerts. She gave lectures about her music in Holland, Argentina and at the UDK in  Berlín. She won scholarships and stipendia in Argentina and in Europe. The last prizes she got are second prize Marx-Competition by the Birmingham Contemporary Group (2018); Trio Low Frequency México call for scores (2018): New Maker Ensemble call for scores (2018). This year her piece “Tissue” has been selected by the prestigious Rauchenberg competition in Suiza (ongoing). Since 2012 she is the artistic leader of the FoundationPlan B, based in Holland devoted to the reseearch multimedia phenomena with emphasis in music notation.  She publishes her music in Edition Plante, Berlin. http://editionplante.com/
  3. Cecilia has specialized in writing chamber music where the refined instrumental techniques play in counterpoint with everyday life objects (lamps, lights, rocking chairs, slide projectors, ventilators, etc) These low-tech appliances hve been chosen by their sound and cinetic (movemnt) possibilitiesm conforming tgether with the traditional music instruments an extended orchestra.  Below you can find a couple of reviews that talks about the ability of Cecilia in writing music for instruments and objects.

  4. The Guardian (in English)

  5. Mundo clásico (en español): https://www.mundoclasico.com/articulo/31339/Mujeres-de-mazas-tomar

  6. Since 2012 she teaches Bikram yoga, combining her yoga teaching with her concerts all over the world. 

  7. http://www.ceciliaarditto.com

  8. Adriana Montorfano was born in Río Negro, Argentina 1974. She lives in Figueres, Spain.
    She studied flute in Conservatorio Nacional " López Buchardo". Her teachers were Jorge de la Vega, Laura Falcone, Raúl Becerra y Margalit Gafni . She pursued flute seminars under Mtro Roberto Fabbriciani, Félix Rengli, Helen Bledsoe, Sophie Deshayes, Ingela Oien, Wilbert Hazelzet, Horacio Parravicini, Manfredo Zimmerman, Jordi Mora, Haydee Schwartz, among others.
  9. Adriana played in the following orchestras: Orquesta Sinfónica del Coro Polifónico Nacional, Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), Orquesta de la Casa de la Opera, Orquesta Sinfónica Baires , Orquesta Sinfónica de la XVI Oficina de Música de Curitiva (Brasil).

  10. She has been a member of ensemble “L.V.” devoted to contemporary music , and Ensamble de los Seminars de Composición de la UCA  and Contemporary Music Ensamble " Compañia Oblícua (co-founder)" .

  11. She performed in ensembles and as soloist in the main venues in Argentina: Centro Experimental del Teatro Colón, Teatro San Martin, Usina del Arte, Auditorio de la Biblioteca Nacional, Auditorio de Radio Nacional, Auditorio del Centro Cultural Recoleta, Centro Cultural Borges, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Museo Isaac Fernández Blanco.

  12. She worked as a flute teacher in Conservatorio Superior de Música de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires " Astor Piazzolla", Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Conservatorio Provincial de Mercedes and Conservatorio de Chivilcoy.

  13. She collaborates with different ensembles and musicians, performing different projects  in Europe and Argentina. Actually Adriana works as professor at the Escola Municipal de Música de Vilafant and Figueres.



  1. 1000 eyes (work in progress)

  2. Residencia Konvent 2019

  3. Musique Concrete (2015 - actualidad)

  4. I love you (Yayo Orias Diz guitarra, invitado)

  5. Dancing Windows 2014

  6. Musica invisible para flauta y bailarina 2008

  7. Musica de camára para flauta sola y flauta y ensambles

  8. 1997-actualidad

  1. Door (tryout Kovent residence)

  2. for 4 slide-projectors, light controller, electronics and closet

  1. Electricity (2012) backstage. for flute, electricity and electronics

  1. Ventana (tryout) - for four slide projectors, electronics and one window