“Muziek als… / music as…” is an inicative by composer cecilia Arditto, focused on the exploration of diverse theatrical aspects of music. Music, as a performatitve art, is theatrical in itself. It is in this way that resources belonging to other areas are turned into music: music of gestures, of light, of image, of objects, etc.  An often-cited definition of music, coined by Edgard Varèse, is that it is "organized sound". In our perspective, music would not only be the organization of sound on time but also lights, colours, objects, words, gestures, movements.

Our program is flexible and transportable, adaptable to different venues and places. The philosophy behind this flexible format is to prioritize concept against technical paraphernalia. The whole cycle shares the nostalgic aesthetics for low-tech devices, as an enormous source of creativity on sound, light and scene possibilities: less is more.