Calder´s circus (2000)

for violin, viola and violoncello
selected for Concurso de Composición BAC-Arditti String Quartet 2000

Calder´s circus is inspired on the Circus by Alexander Calder*, the American sculptor inventor of mobile and kinetic sculptures. Calder used to perform himself a vast, miniature circus conformed by a compendium of ingenious string mechanisms and wire artifacts. These artifacts are represented in my piece with different musical motives, which, like mobiles, spin around in loops. Each motive has it own weight, color, trajectory, and speed. The motives, when in interaction with each other, modify their rhythm, form, and behavior in analogy to Calder’s mobiles parts.
Calder used to build his kinetic sculptures with varied materials like stones, wire, wood, and pieces of metal. My spinning motives are made with different sound textures. Both circuses, Calder’s and mine, are a fragile compendium of small pieces to be performed live.

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*Le Cirque de Calder (1961) documentary film by Carlos Vilardebo

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