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if you are around

If you are around…

The French musicologist Michel Arcens gently included my “Música invisible” in one chapter of his book John Coltrane, la musique sans raison. He made a poetic interpretation of my music connected with John Coltrane’s. The book was just released, in French. The presentation is 12th October in Librairie Torcatis, rue Mailly à Perpignan. Merci beaucoup, Michel!

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If you are around…

I would like to invite you to the concert Musiques d’intérieurs next week at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (27.09/19:00) and at the Temple Allemand in La-Chaux-de-Fonds (29.09 20:30/ 30.09 19:00) with the Die Ordnung der Dinge Ensemble (Cathrin Romeis, Daniele Pintaudi, Vera Kardos and Iñigo Giner)

Musiques d’intérieurs is an interdisciplinary concert combining music, theater and performance with objects and light. The four musician-performers unveil a programme that reinterpretes everyday objects and situations, creating a poetic world populated by lamps, tables, lights, bubble wrap, tableware, different kinds of foods, balloons, instruments, a very long piece of string, and many other musical objects.


The president’s speech (Iñigo Giner Miranda), for pianist and visual pianist
El libro de los gestos (Cecilia Arditto) for violin, cello, piano, percussion and lamps
Hors d’oeuvres (Peter Streiff), for performers and tableware
Rotblau -parts 1&2- (Jessie Marino) for two performers
El orden de las cosas (Iñigo Giner Miranda), for three actors, objects, lights and tape

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Si andan cerca…

The remains of the day.
A seven part show for clarinet, magic lanterns, mirrors and a couch.
Written by Cecilia Arditto, played by Michel Marang.

A scenario of darkness around light. A black sea full of presences and memories, that keep on going when the last light has been turned off.
Inspired by the Franco-Flemish composers of the XVth century with their puzzles and musical games of mirrors.

Zeemanshuis, Nieuwevaart 3, Amsterdam
October 8th & 9th, 7.30pm
Free entrance

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