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"Canciones" is based on the idea of singing instead of song, melos instead of melody. Even though the act of singing is constant in the piece, the songs themselves never happen to be defined: singers and wind instruments sing without a song.

The melodies in this context are invisible threads that flow like the reminiscence of a song. I’ve  composed the memory of something that never existed.

PDF scorecanciones_files/canciones.pdf
Carla Filipcic Holm (sop), Maximiliano Michailovski (bar), Adriana Montorfano (fl),  Ingrid Bay (trb),  Eduardo Nicoleau (perc), Mónica Opanski (cond). 
Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires, October 1999 trash_ceci_2015/audio/Entries/2009/1/23_Canciones___Songs_%281999%29.html
singers and wind instruments are singing a “no song”

Canciones / Songs (1999)

for soprano, baritone, flute, trombone and percussion