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•  Daughter of the Sorceress - soprano 1

•  Queen*- alto

•  Cartographer  - baritone

•  Parabolic Princess - soprano

•  Ugly Princess - mezzo-soprano

•  Princess who causes an Eclipse with her Head  - alto

•  Sorcerers - percussion and harp

•  Queen's Pets - clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone

•  Cartographer's Telescope/Microscope - oboe

•  The Religion - piano

*The role of The Queen and the Ugly Princess can be undertaken by the same singer.    

"There are two Sorcerers in the Kingdom.  Generally they are a man and a woman. But they can also be two animals or two objects, such as a seed and a stone".

The Magic of the Kingdom is characterized by spontaneity and miracles so that when a spell

works, the Sorcerers relegate it to the field of Science.

It is said that the Sorcerers work to keep the equilibrium of the Kingdom in a kind of

“straightforward-alchemy”. When something disappears in one place, a different thing may

appear somewhere else. For example, if someone turns off a blue light in the Peasants' neighborhood, a rain drop falls in the Zoo, so there is a knock on the door, thus a small planet collapses, and in consequence the blue light turns on… and so on…

”The Cartographer once wrote that the stars and celestial bodies are living organisms, endowed

with emotions, will and reason. He thinks of them as slow and rather languid animals”.