Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio

La arquitectura del aire / The architecture of air (2009)

for organ and two percussionists
comissioned by Orgelpark, Amsterdam

In the beginning, I thought that the piece was about air and the space between things, space conformed by the emptiness that is shaping the contour of things from the outside…
Perhaps because the two percussionists and the organ conform a triangle spread on the hall; or because the organ has a motor and pipes and the vibraphone has a motor and pipes; but also because the musicians play ventilators, a melodica and old radios and they manipulate air in different states and frequencies; or because the performers communicate with each other with strings tied to tins, in the manner of low-tech telephones -when I was a child I used to build this kind of telephones with my sisters…
Therefore I realized the music was about “in-betweens”. It is music made of air and threads -basically made of nothing- where the musicians tie sounds with strings and send each other signals with the instruments, the motors, and the voice. Something solid made of air…
This is the way I feel, very strong and very fragile altogether, the stronger, the more fragile.

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