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Licht / light is a series of three pieces for one hand, a stand light and sound objects. These small pieces are thought of like short animation movies, inspired by the animation techniques by Norman McLaren and the beautiful “Piezas para mano iluminada” by Damián Rodríguez Kees.

1. Licht - Light

2. Knipoog - Wink

3. Straal – Ray (*)

(*) comissioned by Guy Livingston -  “One minute more” Juan de Graaf (animation).


PDF scorelicht_files/Split-piano%20%28Licht%29.pdflicht_files/Split-piano%20%28Licht%29_1.pdflicht_files/cuarteto.pdfshapeimage_6_link_0

Licht / Split piano - Light (2008)

for piano and stand light