Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio


In “Afterlife” the ones who already died want to communicate with us via electrical signals. Different electricity impulses in a neon tube generate a diversity of rhythmical patterns, both in sound and light. A microphone amplifies the lamp, in dialogue with a trumpet.
“Afterlife” expresses life (or its absence) in the realm of time. To the question “where are we going”, the answer is “later.”

“Music is made of time and expresses itself via frequencies.”

Afterlife is a spiritual license for the under-sound: these forgotten frequencies, like buried diamonds, are found in the zone of the unreachable buffers. In the threshold of our beliefs, our ears open up to the concept of “beyond audible”, troubling our understanding but not the pleasure of perceiving them.

“Talking frequencies, talking light, talking silence”

Objects like lamps, ventilators and radios are singing. Under an animistic perspective, they possess a distinct spiritual essence.
Let this project be a tribute to those buzzing, humming, whirring, hissing creatures that, raising from the electric cemetery of the obsolete, have an afterlife in my music.


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Mundo chato


Cuanto más viajo más chato me parece el mundo… todo se está volviendo más y más uniforme: los mismos negocios, la misma ropa, los mismos libros. Los mismos muebles de Ikea.
Y los mismos multifónicos en Japón, Alemania o México.

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