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Music concept

The music aims at recreating an "aural cosmogony”. Thinking the musical instruments and the human voice from a different perspective not only open the perception to other sonorities but also creates a new aural space.

It is just not about the sounds, but about the context where these sounds are possible.  I want to build a music that is like a (sound) planet, with rocks, water, songs, constructions and unexplored areas.

I like to incorporate sound objects to the possibilities of the instruments. The percussion world is used to expand its set to all kind of sound objects. I use the same idea with other instruments and with the human voice, not looking for extended techniques but for an extended sensitivity. This is the way sound travels in this opera-world: slightly dithering categories.

In “About the magic” the percussion player open a newspaper, read it, ball it up, clean the timpani and throw it away.