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This is a piece which works with words in two different ways: “Palabras” as sounds, and combination of “Palabras” as meaning.

Written for 1/16 tone piano, saxophone, viola and voice, the microtonal division of the tones remains the fluctuation of the spoken voice.



PDF scorepalabras_files/Palabras.pdf

video  excerptshttp://www.ceciliaarditto.com/videos/palabras.html

Palabras / Words (2005)

for 1/16 tone piano, saxophone, viola and voice

commissioned by Fonds Scheppende Toonkunst

Hortus Ensemble - Alfrun Schmid (sop), Elisabeth Smalt (vla), William Raaijman alt sax), Maarten van Veen 16th tone piano (Julián Carrillo’s piano)

Artis Garden, Leiden – The Netherlands – Augustus 2005