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This opera is able to be performed in different spaces; from small theaters to a big opera hall. Also unconventional spaces are welcome. Many scenes involve a spatial distribution of instruments and singers, which should be solved in relation to each different space. Also the surfaces for projections.

All versions are possible, as in many operas. From an austere chamber version involving the musicians and a slide show to a grand opera performance with some singers hanging from harnesses in the air(*). 

This opera has had many different partial presentations so far; the selection of scenes was made in relation to a subject or a character: The Cartographer, The Dreams, The Daughter of the Sorceress, etc.

For more information and performance possibilities please contact me.

(*) One of the replacement for the Queen, the Princess who caused an eclipse with her head, is hanging in the air, with an enormous head, swinging while singing her song. While swinging, she is provoking an eclipse covering here and there one of the four moons of the Kingdom.