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The Sorcerers   

The Replacements for the Queen     

The Cartography

Map of the Sky in movement

The Train which passes once every hundred years

The Science and the fashion     

The Religion

The Cartography and the Magic     

The Queen and her Pets


The Kingdom is divided into four regions: in the North is the Castle, in the South reside the

Peasants and in the West are the Sorcerers. What remains occupies the East, including the

Zoo. In the middle, there is an ever-moving void.

All the Neighborhoods are connected by hanging bridges that are suspended over the void. It

is said that there is a parallel Kingdom in the abyss, where all wishes are granted…once you

choose your fate, there is no return.


This opera suggests with the music, the texts and the visual world, an imaginary world to live in. The narrative thread is given by the catalog form with the organization of the piece in successive chapters describing different aspects of this imaginary place. Sometimes the visual aspect is focused on, some other times the music, or the text.

This cosmogony is presented in a book-catalog form including the following sections-chapters: