We are a international group of interdisciplinary artists based in Amsterdam, who are brought together by our interest in artistic creation with a profound reflection on the interaction of different languages and disciplines.    

Foundation plan B is the institutional frame of an artistic platform that aims to open new artistic spaces where creation is intimate related with research and education. 


•To generate new projects within a multidisciplinary dialogue frame.

•To comision new works from emergent and/or well stablished artists.

•To promote and organize activities for reflection and study, both related to the productions of the Foundation and independently from them: round tables, blogs, conferences, workshops, documentaries, talks, master classes, publications, etc.

•To find alternative spaces for our projects to access a broader and unusual audience.

•To open non conventional communication routes such as websites, after concerts, talks, writings, etc, for the artistic process not to end merely in performances.

•To open spaces for cooperative production in between different countries, with a thorough dialogue that breaks away from stereotypes about nationalities.