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Texts in this opera appears under different forms: projected, sung or spoken.  Texts are projected on different screens, walls, floor, characters.

Sung texts are not meant to be understood literarily. The voice treatment is based on the idea of text as texture or text as sound.

About the Cartography

"The Cartographer can change the reality by modifying the maps. An ink spot on a map may become a new planet in the sky or, depending on the scale employed, a seed in a pot.  Changes in the Kingdom, vice versa, instantly alter the drawing of the maps. Which came first-the Kingdom or the Maps-is unknown."

-“The Cartographer built a house by drawing it on a map…

… but the kitchen is too small”


About the Queen

"It is the Queen’s obligation to remain motionless. She only moves when she grows. Once she participated in a theater piece. She played the role of a sculpture… she stood motionless for four hours and ten minutes. It was a success."

The replacements for the Queen - TEXT- Dutch version by Günther Biesbrouck

About the replacements for the Queen

The Replacements for the Queen sing and sew the wedding dress of the Daughter of the Sorceress. The dress is 800 kilograms. Her wig is made of copper. Because the Replacements for the Queen live in the first dimension, they can not distinguish a

line drawn on the dress pattern from a line which defines the dress from the surrounding landscape.