Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio

The Cartography and the Magic (2005)

for soprano, baritone, oboe, harp and percussion.
part of the opera “The daughter of the sorceresses…”
can be performed independently

The piece is inspired by the dialectical relationship between chaos and order, being the mathematical structure the frame for aleatoric behaviors mainly from the percussion set: ping pong balls falling (the classical example from the chaos theory), water flowing, peas poured from one tin to another, spoken texts, etc. All framed in a strict counterpoint of drops, whispers and a balloon exploding.
The percussion set, among other sound objects, includes pouring water from one glass within a given rhythm. The indeterminacy of the water falling down is struggling against the fixed rhythmical frame. I like to think about indeterminacy and control like two complementary features of the same movement.

This piece is part of the opera The Daughter of the Sorceress… but can be also played individually.

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