Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio



Cycle of pieces for sound objects and tape
(visuals are optional)
ca. 26´


Musique concrete makes music with second-hand objects, mostly bought in the markets or rescued from the trash. Two performers manipulate sound-objects and slide-projectors in different spots of a dark room, producing performative-installations in dialogue with the architecture of the space. Music, sound, and space-design are organized in a score creating complete audiovisual scenes with simple means.
Flexible in format, “Musique concrète” could be played as a whole cycle, or in individual scenes.
A concert version (without visuals) is also possible.

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#I. Machine à coudre (sewing machine) for sewing machine, scissors, nails, tape and optional crank-hand projector. Recorded objects are in counterpoint with the ones played live. A 5mm movie made with dots punched in the film by the same sewing machine follow the music.


#2. Ventilateurs (electric fans) for 2 ventilators and 2 flash lights: small flash lights convert turning fans into home-made projectors. Different speeds on the fans modify the of the motors and the speed of the shadows on space.


#3. La radio…cette chambre des merveilles (The radio… that chambre of wonders) for live radio, tape and hand-crank projector. The tape is based on excerpts of Pierre Schaeffer’s voice from Solfège de l’objet sonore (1967). A home made movie comments Schaeffer´s texts.

#4. Electricité (electricity) for string telephone, tape and 2 optional slide projectors: is the story of a cable projected into a light circus circle. The sound possibilities of a simple string telephone are wide and surprising. Buzzing, shortcuts, statics, clicks and humming sounds conform the sound track accompanying the live string-telephone.
#5. La machine à écrire (the typewriter) for xylophone and 2 slide projectors. The xylophone is use as a typewriter. the performer types fragment of the text “Solfège de l’objet sonore ” by Schaeffer . Optional projectors project the same using the performer and the space around as a screen.

Musique concrète was comissioned by NFPK, The Netherlands

+ Bonus track: Vinyle (vinyl) for pre-recorded vinyl, pick up player and small flash light: a pre-recorded vinyl storage scratches, clicks, nails sounds and buzzing samples taken from a vintage  pickup player. The vinyl is  played by the same pickup player, duplicating live the sounds of the vinyl and creating some cause-consequence confusion. A small light attached to the vinyl spins around creating a low-tech disco effect. The room turns around in 33rpm.

Music and visuals composed by Cecilia Arditto

Performance history


• 3 June -Trio Feedback – Mostra Sonora 2023, Sueca, Valencia, Spain

with Irene Sorazabal Moreno  – Studio LOOS Rebecqueplein Den Haag – lecture and concert as part of Sound arguments symposium.

Studio LOOS Rebecqueplein Den Haag – lecture as part of Sound arguments symposium.


• July 2022 ISCM World New Music Days 2022; Q Theatre, New Zealand. Musique concréte guest artists: Eric Renick


• 24 September 3r Cycle “El Generador” AMEBA A.A.G.G. Girona Spain
• 17-10-21 Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht, Vienna – Included in the program “The attic”


• 23 January, Musique Concrète, Splendor, Amsterdam


• 3 November Musique Concrète November Music Den Bosch – Netherlands

• 18 July Musique Concrète selected by Nieuwe Geneco to represent The Netherlands in ISCM 2020 in New Zeeland

• 22 September – Musique Concrète by Isak Goldschneider, clarinet
Cecilia Arditto, magic lanterns
Naada Yoga Montreal


20 September –Musique concrète by  Neo-percusión
Festival Vertixe Sonora
Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra, Spain

18 September – Musique concrète by  Neo-percusión
Festival mAdrid aCTUAL
Teatro Galileo, calle Galileo 39 – Madrid, Spain
15 July  – Musique Concréte
#5. Electricity and #7. The typewriter
Actual Festival Àgora Percussió
Conservatory of Music Xàbia, Spain


• December 2017 Musique Concrete video shooting Amsterdam – Edu Hernández Pérez, video; Daniel Nicolas aditional camera


• May 2015 Musique Concrète grant by Storsignal (call for scores), Lubeck, Germany


• December 2013 – Musique Concrete NFPK – werkbeurs granted

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II. Ventilateurs (fans) version #2: sinewaves

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V. La machine à écrire (the typewriter) (versions for xilophone/marimba or vibraphone in Spanish, French or English)

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